About Us

There are many opportunities within the Appleton Area School District for parents to play a key role in their child’s education. Parent involvement not only increases a child’s achievement and self-esteem, but also benefits the school and entire community. Most elementary and middle schools have a parent group.  Participation is encouraged at every level – listening to a beginning reader sound out those first words, chaperoning a middle school dance, or serving on a committee reviewing graduation requirements for seniors. Parent involvement is an essential element to the success of Appleton schools. Contact the parent group leaders at your school and consider becoming involved.  There are always varied and flexible ways to get involved for parents and grandparents, working in and outside the home.

The Appleton Citywide Parent Network has made significant changes to our organization. These changes reflect our ideas surrounding community and support our main objective, providing a support network that is relative to the needs of each school community while offering opportunity for all to participate – to connect. Our organization meets four times a year and focuses on sharing best practices across our school parent groups, discussing broader across-school issues, challenges or opportunities and managing the SPEAK process.  Project SPEAK directly impacts every elementary school by providing financial help that will enhance our students’ educational experience.