SPEAK Grant Funds Request Guidelines

The following guidelines will be followed by the SPEAK Board when considering grant disbursements:

There will be a $400.00 cap on all grant submissions that fall into these categories:

  •  Books, Individual classroom materials/supplies, Library materials/supplies

There will be a $250.00 cap on all grant submissions that are technology based. The following guidelines apply to technology related requests:

  •  Unique devices with creative use will be considered
  •  It must enrich the classroom, and therefore the student’s learning experience
  •  We will not fund Document Cameras, Projectors or Interwrite/Smart Boards
  •  We will not fund protective cases for previously purchased devices

For all Field Trip grant submissions, please include a break-down of total bus/transportation costs and the cost of admission.

Grant requests for enrichment and speakers will be limited to one request per grade level/per teacher/per year.

Birth to 5, Early Childhood, and YMCA before and after school programs are out of scope.

Summer school activities and related child care are out of scope.

Ongoing annual funds requests to sustain a given event may be declined. The SPEAK board does not want these grants to become an annually “relied upon” source of funding.

A grant may be requested to support overnight camp trips, but a SPEAK grant cannot be the sole means of funding. The request should highlight other efforts for covering these camps.

Core curriculum (not curriculum enhancing) and safety items are considered the responsibility of the AASD and are out of scope for SPEAK.

Consideration is always given to level of need and number of students that will be reached.

Approval or decline of any request is subject to funds available in that grant cycle and merit of the funds request which is at the discretion of the SPEAK board. It is also at the discretion of the board to offer partial funding for a request. Our board consists of a parent and staff member from each of the three AASD clusters, the Citywide President and the Citywide Treasurer.