November 16th meeting at Huntley Elementary

Our second Appleton Citywide Parent Network meeting of the school year is scheduled for November 16th. Here are the details. If you are not the right person to represent your school parent group, please respond with an updated contact. All parents are welcome to attend our meetings so please get the word out at your school. (Parent group Presidents and one at large delegate for each school parent group are eligible for voting.) I look forward to seeing you next Monday night.

Appleton Citywide Parent Network Meeting
Monday, November 16th
6:30 – 7:45 pm
Huntley Elementary School – LMC

Introductions and Review of September meeting minutes – 6:30 – 6:50 – Jill
Discuss and select topics for January and March
Open Secretary and VP positions

Review of LifeTouch Portrait and Yearbook 2-year contract extension and call for feedback – 6:50 – 7:05 – Jill

Parent Group Best Practices – 7:05-7:45 – All
Roundtable interactive session on the following topics that were highlighted in the September meeting
Connecting parent groups and school staff/administration
Communicating with the school community
Fundraising / other parent group sponsored activities
Communicating across AASD schools

Adjourn Citywide Meeting – 7:45

First meeting of 2015/16 school year – September 21

Mark your calendars for the next Appleton Citywide Parent Network meeting on September 21 at Jefferson Elementary school starting at 6:30pm.  Our first meeting will focus on objectives for this year and gathering your input on important topics that will be considered for the focus of a future meeting.  All Appleton School District parents and guardians are welcome.  Our group focuses on the K-8th grades.

Our organization also grants funds to our 4K and Elementary schools through the SPEAK grant process.  Teachers and administrators are encouraged to apply by filling out a funds request form found under the SPEAK grants tab on our website.

Upcoming Key Dates

Hello Appleton Citywide Parent Network members.  There are some key dates coming up.  November 19th is the Application Deadline for SPEAK grant funding requests.  All AASD 4K and Elementary schools are eligible to apply.  The on-line application is available under the SPEAK GRANTS tab of our website.

Our next meeting is December 1 at Ferber Elementary.  Stay tuned for the key topic which will be selected based on your October input.

We covered an important topic during our October meeting – school safety procedure improvements (referred to as ALICE – Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuation). If you were unable to attend the meeting, notes can be found under our website Meeting Minutes Quick Link.  Also, contact your school’s administrator if you have questions.

Back to School…..September 2nd

In August, we reflect on the Summer and start thinking about back to school.  Supplies, pictures, registration, sports and shopping are all on the agenda.  Don’t forget to visit your school’s website to confirm registration dates and times.

There has been a lot of progress against the 2014 referendum projects and updates can be found at  Check out what’s been happening at your school!

Our first Citywide Parent Network Meeting will be on October 6th at Foster Elementary at 6:30pm.  All AASD parents are welcome to attend.

Next Citywide Meeting – Monday 4\14

The special topic for our upcoming Citywide Meeting is AASD Referendum Implementation Plans.

With the passing of the referendum in February, there is interest in the next steps for executing the Capital Project Improvements and in how the Technology Advancements will be rolled out across our schools.

At the meeting, members of the AASD leadership team will discuss the timelines and building implications of Capital Projects and the selection processes and roll out of the Technology Advancements.

Please join us on Monday, April 14th at 6:30 at Johnston Elementary School. Please share your questions about implementation of the referendum using the “Meeting Input” form here:

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Questions/Comments about Referendum Implementation Plans (required)

April 1st is Election Day for AASD School Board Open Positions

Today, April 1, is election day for AASD School Board open positions. There are 3 openings and 4 candidates running. All AASD households are eligible to vote (not just Appleton city limits). The candidates are Diane Barkmeier, John DeVantier, Sharon Fenlon, and Barry O’Connor.

Here are links to informational websites for candidates running for the AASD School Board.

Diane Barkmeier –
John DeVantier –
Sharon Fenlon –
Barry O’Connor –

Please remember to vote.